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Edging to asses - Thumbnail
uhasa • 09/13/2014 • 4.1

FlashTeaseEdging to asses

My first tease. Inclueding shemale, some ass licking, teasing, some denial but cumming in the end! No toys needed. Pls pm me if you find any bugs
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you are mine 2 - Thumbnail
boringuy1 • 09/12/2014 • 3.6

You are mine 2

lots of stroking and edging. chance to cum or ruin it.
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Devine Bitches: Where women are ALWAYS on top
Drip slave - Thumbnail
KittySissy • 09/11/2014 • 3.7

FlashTeaseDrip slave

This was inspired by the fourm game "Learn To Drip" In this tease, you will be given the task to drip, ruin a orgasm, over and over for a set number of days, only to be getting a chance to cum. My first tease, so I know it will not be perfect, and knowing me, there will be grammar issues. I still hope you enjoy.
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Welcome to Hell [EXTREME CBT] - Thumbnail
Thexxxpenguin • 09/09/2014 • 3.5

Welcome to Hell [EXTREME CBT]

[WARNING VERY INTENSE CBT] Prepare to have your cock and balls brutalized beyond belief in one of the most extreme teases ever to be published.
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Langsame Erpressung - Thumbnail
Sesahin • 09/08/2014 • 3.8

Langsame Erpressung

Mein erster Tease. Erzählt eine Geschichte, wie du auf einer Party mit dem Versprechen am Ende Sex zu bekommen, von Raum zu Raum geschickt wirst und erniedrigt wirst.
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Kuss von Princess Rene? (German/Deutsch) - Thumbnail
joigame • 09/05/2014 • 2.3

FlashTeaseKuss von Princess Rene? (German/Deutsch)

Möchtest du einen Kuss von Princess Rene?
Dirty dreams - Thumbnail
milouser11 • 09/05/2014 • 3.2

Dirty dreams

anal urineplay strapon cei
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Topics: untitled
Plaything of the diva - Thumbnail
gfunk • 09/04/2014 • 3.7

Plaything of the diva

A masturbation story with Madonna.
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Harry Potter and the War of Houses Intro - Thumbnail
Ironsaviour • 09/04/2014 • 4.4

FlashTeaseHarry Potter and the War of Houses Intro

This my first tease.This tease is only Intro, there are no stroking.If you enjoy the plot please rate it so I can continue to this serie.And I promise there will be lots of stroking in future.
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