Miss Kimmy's Sissy Whore

Miss Kimmy's Sissy Whore by galvanisedpenguin

Before you start, a little disclaimer. Some of the things in this tease may be risky if done recklessly. You are responsible for your own safety. Do not do anything which you think may hurt you, or which you do not think you can do safely. And now, away we go!

Hello Boys. You may call me Mistress Kimmy. You know why you’ve been sent here right?

That’s right, because you’re a bad little slut and deserve to be punished. Not only do you deserve it, but you want it, am I right?

Hahaha, I saw that cock twitch, you can’t wait to be my little sissy whore.

No, DON’T TOUCH IT! You better not touch that cock except when I say you can.

Only continue if you have several hours free to submit yourself totally to me.