The School of Denial: Week 2 - Edge training

The School of Denial: Week 2 - Edge training by nwo69

Welcome to week 2.

Whilst this tease can be done on its own, we recommend you do the previous teases first (School of Denial and School of Denial week 1). This is tease 3 of six teases.

Unlike week 1, you are now allowed to edge...... in fact that is pretty much all you will be doing. Ms Mandy, your teacher for this week, demands prolonged and repeated edging.

If you cum, you fail....... it's that simple.

If you are unable to control your edging, you will be unable to do this tease....... especially Sunday which you can expct to be VERY intense. Anyone with Chronic Pelvic Pain syndrome should not attempt this tease.

There will be times when you think you will not be able to continue without breaking the two rules of the facility

Rule 1: Never Cum
Rule 2: Always obey the instructions of the Tutors to the letter

Should you feel you are about to break Rule 1 or 2, you may go and see the nurse for extended testicular punishment. This may mean pausing the video if you are watching one. If you were wanking to a designated number of strokes, you must start these strokes from the beginning. If you have to see the nurse during prolonged edging, note the number of minutes you have remaining, and finish these minutes when you are done with the nurse. These rules for the nurse are VERY SPECIFIC and must be followed religiously.

There will be some form of instruction every day for this one month period. This present tease will cover week 1, and begins on a Monday. Below you will see the numbers to put into the URL (p=X) to take you to the tease for each day. You will be given instructions at the end of each day. Follow them

Monday: Press continue
Tuesday: P= 21
Wednesday: P= 36
Thursday : P= 51
Friday: P= 63
Saturday: P= 79
Sunday: P= 92

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A note about Sunday. This tease is an all day tease. It will start at 9am and finish at 10 pm. You will be "busy" for the entirity of the day, even in your rest breaks. Plan accordingly.

You will also need something to collect your precum, which you will store in the freezer. You will also need a way of measuring the amount you collect. At the school of denial, we work in millilitres, and you will be measuring your collection on Sunday.


The more you collect, the easier your Sunday will be.

I pass you over to Ms Mandy

NB: The Author accepts no responsability for the consequences of this tease. It is for entertainment purposes only. Should you feel this is having an adverse effect on you, then for god sake STOP