Introduction To Little Lily

Introduction To Little Lily by Little_Lily

You boys better not be still rubbing yourself. To make sure, put your hands on your head like the naughty little boys you are. Stay that way until I say otherwise.

Now, where was I?

That's right, this is your introduction to my world. I want to get to know you boys before we go any further. I want to know all about you.

I want to know your names, your ages, all your nasty little desires, your fantasies, who would most like to be teased and dominated by, when you first discovered your submissive urges, and most importantly, I want a picture of your penis. I want to know how much of a man you are. Do you have the balls to continue? We'll find out.

If you're brave enough, you can tell me your real name, but if not, a pseudonym will do.

All this you will send to this email address:

I will reply to each of you personally.

Do that now and then continue. If you don't have the balls, quit this tease now. I just can't stand wimps who chicken out when things get interesting.