The school of denial

The school of denial by nwo69

Your first tutor is me. I will be testing your stamina. If you cannot pull your little pecker without losing control, let me know now and we'll get you sent off to the medical facility for your "fitting".

Staying? Good.

I will be showing you a series of videos (open up the links in a seperate browser). You will stroke at a medium pace non stop for each video. You will be allowed a break after each, but remember this is an exam. It's supposed to be hard......... and so is that little cock of yours.

The videos actually intrododuce you to each of the tutors you will be meeting today. Whilst it would be very flattering for you to spill your mess, it would be a ...... dissapointment.

When you are finished, you may rest for one minute, and don't even think about losing that little stiffy.