Dedication to the golden age of captioned images

Dedication to the golden age of captioned images by surfcreanative

This tease is a little different.

There are no stoking instructions. No commands. No orders.

Instead, I want you to get comfortable. Organize whatever aids you need. That special lube, that favorite piece of satin, aids, toys, whatever you enjoy. Change into your favorite clothes. Grab cushion. Really sink yourself into your comfy chair.

We are going to take trip down memory lane. To try and recreate the spirit of some of the early teasing work by the pip copeland project, paw's blue book and numerous other artists. This work is part photo album, part tribute, part guide book to teasing for new inductees.

So sit back, get that cock humming. Really play with it, and use your imagination as each image intends to capture an element of teasing, within a single frame. Place yourself in the scene as we begin a tribute to a bygone age before milovana, when captioned images ruled the cocks of many... enjoy