The Stroker Ace Challenge: HD Remix

The Stroker Ace Challenge: HD Remix by supermokkori

Why hello there, challenger. Welcome to a special HD Remix version of the Stroker Ace Challenge. I am your new host and guide, Riley.

Oh I know what you're thinking - so cute and dainty, not quite as sexy as the previous host, right? Well if you take on this new video challenge, I'm sure I'll prove your wrong - as deliciously cute as I look, I'm as naughty as they come, especially when it comes to teasing and pleasing!

But let's not get ahead of ourselves here - as much as I want to show you how naughty I can be, you're going to have to impress me. And that's what this new Stroker Ace Challenge is all about. In case you forgot or if this is your first time, the challenge is pretty simple: Watch this video tease challenge and stroke your cock to the "Stroke Rhythm Beat". Follow the instructions in this video and challenge yourself to 5 rounds of some of the most arousing sexy action you'll see The goal is to get through to the end of the video challenge and you may get a change to cum... that is, if you can keep up with me!