MissKalla's Sissy training : lesson 1

MissKalla's Sissy training : lesson 1 by MissKalla

Hello Darling,

It's such a pleasure to see you decided to follow my sissy training program.
I am Miss Kalla, I will be your guide through your transformation.

Do you already have experience in being a sissy? Or are you a total novice? Either way, forget everything you know, we'll start over from the beginning...

Before we go on with your first lesson, let's give you some information about this training program.
What other kinks are we going to explore? Well, let's just say you should have at least a small interest in : humiliation, masturbation an orgasm control, anal training, forced bi, bondage, light to mild pain, cum play. I think that's all. I may offer other kinks, but then, you'll have a choice.
This program will not require any accessories other than common household objects or items you could easily get. Of course you'll have to get feminine clothes : a pair of panties, a bra, a skirt, a top and some make up. That's all you'll need eventually.
I assume you have a camera of some sort. From time to time you will be asked to take a picture, even if they aren't necessary to continue the training, I strongly encourage you to take them and keep them. And why not make yourself a pretty album if you have enough courage.
Everything else you may already have or be willing to get is a bonus, and I'm sure you are smart enough to figure out when to use them or not.
Oh, and before we proceed, there's one more thing you will need : a notebook and a pen. This notebook will be your companion during your journey to become a sissy. Don't even think about typing it in your computer, you will do it all by hand, it's so much more personal.

Once you step in, there's no coming back, For this session, you'll need a marker and some sort of lube.
So, are you ready? Good...