Become a Sissy Slut (Part 1: Intro)

Become a Sissy Slut (Part 1: Intro) by SissyDoll

Well hello Sissy. I bet when you opened your secret Sissy closet today you wernt expecting to find a powerful shemale dominatrix like me waiting for you.
Yes thats right I am a shemale dom but more importantly I could be your shemale dom.
I see your eyes drifting down, glancing at my cock. You feel a sudden rush of excitment just seeing it waiting for your lips. This cock was made to be sucked by a Sissy, made to pound a Sissy's tight ass until she screams.
I can see that you like that idea but that you are also scared to admit it. I can see the fear in your eyes but if you want to be trained by me then you must accept that you are a Cock Hungry Sissy Slut that dreams of being dominated by a mistress like me.

If you cant then close this closet, lock your fetish away and hope that you never have these desires again. Close this tease and get out of my sight.

If you can admit it I want you to kneel before me and repeat
"I am a Sissy Slut"
then you may continue...