You Are a Sissy pt. 2

You Are a Sissy pt. 2 by tease_this_sissy

If you have not done my previous tease, then please follow the link below and perform, You Are a Sissy.

*You knock on the door, compelled to talk to her again*
Hello there again sissy! You wanted to see me again. How have you been sense our last meeting? Have you remembered to dress as sissy as possible, act as sissy as possible, and be a little sissy slut? Do tell me of any sexual encounters. *wink* Now, if you recall, some of you were granted the option to not eat your own cum. But, at the cost of being denied an orgasm for 30 days. So, if you have not been denied for 30 days, then leave, and don't come back until your 30 days are up sissy!

For the rest of you, you aren't looking like enough of a sissy for me. Why don't you come inside, and I'll dress you like a women. *Giggle*