Truth or Dare - Adult bdsm

Truth or Dare - Adult bdsm by tordbdsm


my dear milovana , user its pleasure to introduce myself
as a great fan of milovana. I have been addicted to the tease
which has been published by people all over the world.

To add on top of it, i see some pros and cons over heres.

Pros: anonymity, 24/7 access, various options
cons: Some lively things missing

So to make a blend of milovana and real world,
i will like to introduce this tease , sorry its actually
a game.

its a simple Truth and dare game which added spice
with milovana specials.

So those people
who love to game ,
who love to do webteases and
who love to feel real life can enjoy this game.

Prerequisite: IF you don't have yahoo create one, or else continue to experience the Feel,

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