Becoming a Cocksucker part 5

Becoming a Cocksucker part 5 "The Conclusion" by cockgod

Great job sluts,

I know you love this, make sure your moaning and letting that cock in front of you know how much you enjoy pleasuring it.

You've been a good slut with your Hypnosis training. I bet it's worked wonders. Rub that cock all over your face and tell that cock how sexy it was being hypnotized to worship dick. You loved every second of it.

Give me a nice long deepthroat and an edge you cocksuckers....

Since this is the last cocksucking training tease I decided to give you sluts some important resources.

All those wonderful hypnosis videos came from here:
Scroll down and you'll recognize their titles.

Almost all the pictures from this tease were gather from these few collectors on There are hundreds upon hundreds that did not make it into the tease but that any good cocksucker would LOVE to see.

I know you'll love going through those later, bookmark them now if your a good cocksucking slut.

Now deepthroat the cock one more time and continue...