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Fred (Femdom / Smother / Torture / Snuff / Toilet)

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Fred (Femdom / Smother / Torture / Snuff / Toilet)

Postby Sauurman » Wed Jun 01, 2011 6:14 am

This is one of the first stories I've ever written. Would love to see what everyone thinks!

Fred was driving down the highway thinking. He had gotten a call yesterday from Doctor Crane. Earlier in the month he had gone in for a yearly check up, she sounded a little worried on the phone when she asked that he come in for more tests. “Probably about my blood pressure” he muttered. He hoped nothing was wrong, his life was going great. A far cry from what it had been three years ago.

As always, when he thought back to that period of his life he got pissed. Back then he was married to his now ex-wife Mary. Now she was a royal bitch. They had been divorced officially for two years now after a marriage of four years. The last two years were hell on earth. Fred took a deep breath. “That’s all over now,” he though to himself. He was now married to a beautiful loving wife by the name of Tanya. She was Five foot 2 and smoking hot. She has short black hair, pert breasts, and a mouth willing to blow him any time he asks. Tanya, unlike his ex-wife never makes him do the dishes or laundry or any of that crap.

As usual he couldn’t stop thinking about his ex-wife. About the divorce, about what she did to him. Mary was also attractive; she was Five foot nine, long blonde hair, and one of the best racks he had ever seen. She was hot, but that made it worse when she starting denying him sex. And she, would never give him any oral or anal sex. Worse she would insist she would be satisfied before they have any. Fred didn’t like going down, it disgusted him. But she made him do it, towards the end of their marriage her pussy would get more and more rank and disgusting. At first he thought it was all psychological, as he liked her less, it was more difficult to do. But later he found out the sick bitch had deliberately not washed down there to make it worse for him!

Angrily he thought to himself, “What kind of person doesn’t wash themselves just to spite someone.” As things got worse and they were talking about divorce, they went to some quack of a marriage counselor who suggested they spice up their love life. Did that mean anal or oral sex for him? No of course not. That meant her taking the “power” role and fulfilling her fantasy of having him tied up. “I can’t believe I ever agreed to that,” he thought out loud.

Thinking back to that night he shuddered. Mary had bought some wrist and ankle cuffs. Unsure about the situation he told her forcefully, “Ok I’ll do this, I want our marriage to work, but while I’m tied up I don’t want to have to go down on you.” She had smiled and said. “Don’t worry Fred, I won’t make you lick my pussy.” There was an evil glint in her eye he should have noticed. Fred stripped down and got into bed. Mary quickly shackled him to the four corners of their bed spread eagle.

Mary rubbed Fred’s cock until it got hard. She then laughed and said, “I’ll be back, nature calls.” She left and went to the bathroom. She was gone for a good 15 minutes before she returned, naked holding a hairbrush and a small makeup kit. “Well you don’t want to lick my pussy huh Fred?” Fred remembered growling at her, “You had better not Mary, I only agreed to this because you said you wouldn’t make me lick you.”

She laughed. “I’m not going to make you lick my pussy dear, I’m going to make you lick my ass!” Fred grimaced, “Your not serious.” Mary smiled and crawled into bed ass facing his face, and her face facing his feet. She took her hair brush and slammed the back end into Fred’s balls. Once, twice, and three times. Fred cried out in pain and struggled to get out of his restraints.

“You have a choice Fred. You can lick my ass, the ass that I just took a shit with, the ass I haven’t wiped clean yet,” she laughed. “Or I can smash your pathetic man hood all night. Fred continued to struggle. “You sick disgusting bitch when I get out of this I’m going to kill you.” More laughter from Mary. Whack, Whack, Whack, over and over she smashed his balls with her brush, until he lay screaming and whimpering.

Crying in pain Fred realized he had no choice. “Ok!” he screamed. “I’ll do it,” he cried. Mary stopped her beating and sat down on his face. She re-positioned herself until her ass was right at his mouth and then she spread her cheeks with her hands. Hesitantly he licked. “You will have to do better then that, or do you want me to get the brush again?” Face twisting with disgust he started licking her ass, it tasted horrible, he could feel the bile rising in his throat but he forced it down.

After a long time Mary finally got up. But that wasn’t the end of Fred’s ordeal. Fred thought back while in the car, rage building, oh no she had then brought a camera out and put make up on him. “Fred, I am going to video tape you saying humiliating horrible things with your face painted like a woman. And if you don’t give me everything I want in this divorce settlement I will send copies to every family member, friend, and co worker you have.” Fred remembered begging her for mercy, that memory was the worst.

But Mary had no mercy for Fred. She videotaped him saying how he loved to dress like a woman, saying he had fantasies about his co-workers, making him say he cheated on his wife, cross dressed and was a part time male hooker for men. Horrible things. In the end Fred had settled to everything. His wife had the house, the car, even his pet dog! He was left penniless.

The worst was when after that was all settled she DID send those tapes out to everyone he knew. The rage blinded him and it almost crashed him into the car ahead. Focusing back on the road he calmed down. Fred remembered moving to another State, finding a new job, and finding Tanya. They quickly fell in love and Tanya did everything for him, sexually and around the house. Life was looking up he thought as he pulled into the Doctors office.

Part II The Diagnoses

He was ushered into Doctor Laura Crane’s office by the nurse. She was a stunning lady. She wore glasses and stood almost 6 foot in heels. Her brunette hair was long and her face was unmarred by age, though she had to be almost forty.

She looked at Fred with sympathy in her eyes. Sir, if you will have a seat I have some bad news for you. Fred’s heart raced, not thinking about the beautiful doctors body, he now thought on what the tests had shown.

“I’ve looked at the results, and to be blunt, they are not good. You have an extremely rare disease.” Fred shook his head and said, “What? I feel fine what is this disease.” She responded quietly, “It doesn’t manifest itself immediately, you have had it for over a year now, but within the next two months it will materialize, first with vomiting and seizures, and then with debilitating pain, as the disease dissolves your internal organs. Fred’s head spun, this wasn’t happening. After all that he had gone through with his ex-wife his life was finally going great! And now he was going to die? This wasn’t fair!

“No this can’t be happening.” He said aloud. Doctor Crane reached out and touched his hand. “I know this is hard, denial is the first step, but you have to get through that, there are important decisions for you to make.” Fred’s anger built, this isn’t fair. He slammed his hand on the desk. “There has to be some treatment, anything, I’ll do any of that experimental stuff just make me better,” he pleaded with Doctor Crane. “I’m sorry, there is nothing we can do, the options before you are limited. Your medical insurance will cover the pain medication when it gets extreme, but you will not be lucid at that point, you need to make some decisions for the future.”

Fred started sobbing quietly. This was really happening. He was going to die. Doctor Crane stood up and said gently, “Would you like me to call your wife?” He sobbed out, “yes please.” Fred went back to crying as Doctor Crane left the room, never seeing the evil smile she had on her face.

Tanya was in tears when she arrived to meet with her Husband. They held each other for a long time. Finally after almost an hour they composed themselves and asked for what Doctor Crane could do for them. Doctor Crane came back and started telling them about various hospice care facilities that they could choose from. She also said, “And I have some bad news, your life insurance policy doesn’t cover this kind of disease as it is considered an “act of God” death.” Fred looked up, “But we just got a house, Tanya doesn’t work how will she be able to make the mortgage payment?” Tanya said, “Don’t worry about that, I don’t care about the house I care about you!” She hugged him.

Doctor Crane looked at Fred and spoke softly, “If you are worried about the bills when you pass on, there is an option.” Fred looked up, he was determined to do something right with his life, he wasn’t going to let his beautiful loving caring wife, everything a wife should be, suffer any more then she had to. “What is it, I’ll do anything.’ Doctor Crane said, “In a small country in Africa, Euthanasia has recently become legal. The method is up to the patient. This has led to a video production agency to seek a volunteer to take part in a real snuff film. “Snuff film?” Fred asked confused. “Yes,” Doctor Crane continued, “The man will be killed on camera by a women, the man needs to look healthy, so most of the volunteers have been rejected, I know this because my cousin works for medical journal that did an article on them. And they are desperate, they are willing to pay $500,000 for a willing volunteer to die on camera in their film.

Fred swallowed heavily. “How.. How, would I be killed? Doctor Crane said, “Through suffocation, mind you, this wouldn’t be a quick thing the film will last for at least two hours. But $500,000 should be enough to take care of your wife. Tanya replied angrily, “No that’s not acceptable I won’t let that happen to my husband” Fred smiled, Tanya always cared so much for him, this was the least he could do for her. “No honey, it is ok, I’m going to die anyway, why not let me do this for you. Plus I don’t want to linger in paid for my last few days. The only condition I have is that you come when the filming is ready to start and we have one last great go at it.” Tanya wiped away a tear from her eye and with a broken voice said, “o.k.” Doctor Crane told them she would have the casting director give you a call tomorrow.

That night they had great sex, Fred slept that night with acceptance that his wife would be well cared for. In the morning they received a call from Mi Linn the casting director. She explained that as part of the law he would have to go through a through psychological screening at the country. This would go on for a week, after that they would do some practice shoots and then follow through with the film. His wife would be flying in separately; she needed to take care of some business for his estate. The next morning he was on the flight. Earlier she had given him an amazing blow job, and he had signed the necessary Power of Attorney forms.

Part III Arrival

He arrived at the airport after a long exhausting flight. As he walked out of the terminal he saw the sign with his name on it. There stood a tall black woman wearing Blue jeans and a tight shirt with some kind of symbol on it. She was wearing boots and was statuesque. She was over Six feet tall and her breasts seem ready to rip through that shirt. She was also muscular. Next to her was a short Asian woman with black hair pinned up wearing a business suit/skirt. Looking down he saw her pantyhose covered legs ended with two pair of 3 inch open toed heels.

He walked over to them and introduced himself. Mi Linn smiled and looked him over, “Fred I am Mi Linn, and this is Letasha, she will be in the video.” She gestured to the waiting cab. Letasha sat in the front while me and Mi Linn sat in the back. Fred couldn’t help but stare at Letasha, she was huge, this video may be painful he thought to himself. Fred and Mi Linn spoke as the cab drove to their destination. She explained that he would need sign some forms authorizing the video taping of his death, the execution itself, and his mental health status. Furthermore he would need to see a psychologist to confirm he is mentally able to agree and finally he will need to say on camera that the Sisterhood of Femdom, the movie company, had a right to do this.

Fred nodded, had to get all the legal hurdles out of the way. Mi Linn looked over to him and said, “On the film itself you will be smothered by two women. Letasha and Nobia.” She continued, “You will be shackled to a table, they will take turns smothering you with their bottoms, breasts, hands, feet, and articles of their clothing.” At this point Letasha turned around in her seat and smiled a huge smile, “I will be the one who finishes you in the end.” Fear began to rise in Fred but he stuffed it down. Mi Linn continued, “It is expected that you will struggle, the script in the movie is that you are having this done against your will.” Fred nodded, “That’s fine I probably wouldn’t be able to stop myself from struggling anyway.” Mi Linn went over some more details and the cab came to a large gated area.

The gate said “Sisterhood of Femdom” on the front and there were two female security guards at the gate. One of the guards was almost as big as Letasha, she had a gun on her belt and a baton in her hand. Barking out an order in some other language the cab drive, a middle aged man got out of the car and put his hands up. She quickly searched him and then smashed her baton right in his stomach. He fell gasping to the dusty ground. Fred was shocked, he moved to get up and Mi Linn stopped him. “No security is strict and the guards don’t much like men. Your with me though they won’t hurt you.” Another order was shouted out and the man on the ground started to kiss the guards boots. After a while she gave another order and the man thanked her and got back into the cab. He drove them inside, there were 5 buildings in this compound he pulled up to the first one. Letasha paid him, he quickly took out their luggage and drove back to the gate.

The building they arrived to was large, the size of a gym. Mi Linn asked Fred sweetly, if he could carry his and her things. Fred complied and they walked into the building. Air condition greeted him as he entered, outside it was very hot and it felt good. An old white haired man greeted them. Mi Linn said, “This is the doctor who will be determining your sanity, he has some tests for you to do but first let us get some documents signed. Grabbing her briefcase from me she put some papers on the table.

Fred took a seat and started to read and sign. The first was basic broiler plate for being videotaped and broadcasted. The next was a form about agreeing to be killed. The next was a form about no liability to the company. The next was one regarding the money what account it needed to be placed in. Forms were signed and dated, all of that took a bit more then an hour. Letasha had left and said, “I’ll go get the set ready, we can do just a basic run through to see how well you react without air.” After finishing the papers Mi Linn handed him a paper script on what to say on the camera agreeing to the video. He read the statement out loud while Mi Linn handled the camcorder.

“I Fred agree to appear in a movie that ends with my death. I agree to everything that will be done to me in that movie by the Sisterhood of Femdom and herby relinquish any right to prosecute them in any country under any law for my death civil or legal. I am entering into this agreement under no duress or influence. Anything that occurs to me during preparation for the film or during has my expressed consent and permission regardless of what I may say, during said activities.”

Smiling Mi Linn quickly packed the camcorder back up and said, “The doctor will pass your mental screening.” The doctor looked at Fred and said, “Ok you look sane, fill out some of these mental questionnaires while I sign the proper forms.” Fred looked puzzled, “Don’t you want to do a bunch of tests, that is why I am here for a week before the film right?” The doctor laughed, “oh no, these tests are a mere formality this is the last time I’ll see you.” The doctor and Fred worked quietly, after about thirty minutes three security guards came in. All three wore boots, had guns holstered, and also had batons out. They were of average height and all had dark skin as the locals did. The lead one said, “Doctor are you finished yet?” The doctor got up quickly got on his knees despite protesting joints and said “Yes Lady, the forms are filled out.” She grabbed his chin with her hand and looked down at him. “Good job, maybe I won’t punish you,” she laughed. “Get on all fours, I want to ride you back to your cell, if you make good time I won’t cane you this time. The doctor got on all fours with a groan and the guard mounted his back, despite his age he was able to hold her weight as he crawled out of the room. Fred’s mouth hung open in disbelief.

Fred was shocked, the two guards laughed as his expression. “You don’t think we would drag you all the way out here and then find out you were not fit for the movie?” one of the guards said. The other guard looked at him and said, “Your turn, get on all fours we are taking you to the set.” Fred shook his head, “Hey I agreed to be in this film, not to do all this other stuff.” Like lighting her booted foot shot out and smashed into his balls. Fred fell to his knees with a high pitched squeak. Before he could even get over the shock and pain the other guard had grabbed both his arms and twisted them behind his back. The first guard grabbed his hair and jerked his head back, her other hand slapped his face so hard his ears started ringing. Standing over him she glared and said, “You, *slap* will, *slap* obey. *slap* His face was on fire his eyes were watering from the pain.

Still looking down at him she said, “You will obey every command instantly, and you will always refer to us as “Lady”, is that understood? Fred, eager not to be beaten anymore swallowed heavily and said, “Yes lady.” With an evil look in her eyes she said, “Spread your legs, for your punishment for disobeying my last order I will kick your pathetic manhood five times, if you resist, or if you fail to thank me for each and every blow you will regret it.” Fred gasped in horror, this can’t be happening he thought. Her hand flashed, and his head reeled back from her slap. “Respond dog,” the guard holding his arms snarled. “Yes Lady I will obey” he rushed out. Hesitantly he opened his knees, giving the guard a clear shot at his unprotected manhood.

Her leg struck right on his ball sack, he actually came off the ground for a second. The pain was excruciating, he had never felt hurt so bad. His balls throbbed with pain in time to his rapidly beating heart, his stomach was clenched in knots. A strange high pitched animal shriek escaped his throat. Sobbing his body curled protectively around itself, or as much as it could, the iron grip on his arms kept him upright. The guard holding his arms twisted upward, fresh pain, though nothing compared to the agony still shooting up his body, brought him back to the situation at hand. “Thank her” she growled. He looked up at the cruel beauty , “Thank you Lady.” His head fell back down. “Spread them again worm.”

He couldn’t. There was no way. That much pain, he couldn’t take it. “Please, please Lady” he cried. “I can’t no, no, no.” She slapped Fred in the face and then grabbed his jaw and forced him to look at her. “You stupid ugly maggot, I can have you tied spread eagle and stomp your balls to bloody paste, I can have your ass whipped, I can take a blow torch and your balls slowly burned off, would you prefer that you fucking piece of shit?” Fred let out a whimper his face betraying his fears. “You will spread your knees NOW,” she yelled at him. He parted his knees, once again giving clear access to his tormenter.

Her leg shot out again Fred had barely any warning before the agonizing pain registered in his brain. Howling in pain he again tried to curl up, and again his arms were held with a vice like grip. He sobbed, and thought to himself, how can anyone be this cruel? For pity’s sake this was to be his last week on this earth and instead of comfort or dignity he was kneeling on the floor being tortured by someone he just met crying his eyes out. He was barely aware of his surroundings enough to get out, “Thank you Lady.”

The torture continued for three more kicks. Fred wasn’t sure how he made himself spread his knees again and again. After it was done his balls ached with so much pain he was afraid permanent damage had been done. Not that he particular cared, as long as he was able to have sex one more time with his beautiful wife. After the final kick the guard looked down at him and said, “Have you learned your lesson?” He quickly responded, “Yes lady”

“Kiss the boot that broke you,” she demanded. The other guard finally released her hold on his arms. Fred collapsed on the ground and kissed her boot. Fred did this very thoroughly, he did not want a repeat of what had just occurred. She lifted her sole so he could kiss the bottoms. “All right, enough. Get on all fours the set is probably waiting for you.” Fred, having learned his listened said, “Yes lady.” Both of their weight on his back was a powerful burden but one that he gritted his teeth through and carried them out into the hall and into the set.
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Re: Fred (Femdom / Smother / Torture / Snuff / Toilet)

Postby Sauurman » Wed Jun 01, 2011 6:15 am

The Set Part IV

As he crawled into the set the first thing he noticed was that no one in the room was male. There were a couple of camerawomen setting up video camera, three women with picture cameras, Mi Linn, Letasha, and another massive women who must be Nobia. Mi Linn approached him, the two guards were still heaving heavily on Fred’s back. “Hmm,” she tapped her heel on the floor and put her hand to her mouth. “Did he give you any problems?” The guard responded, “He didn’t think he had to obey us, but we quickly corrected that problem, didn’t we” she jerked on Fred’s hair. “Yes lady you did,” responded the compliant Fred. Fred secretly hoped Mi Linn would discipline these two, or at least show some sympathy. That was not going to happen.

Mi Linn looked down disapprovingly at Fred. “I do apologize sisters, Fred will be sure to be on his best behavior. And to make it up to you after we rehearse here I will have Fred sent to the barracks and you and your sisters can have him pleasure you tonight. Fred’s eyes bulged, how could she do this to him? She was so nice on the ride over. The two guards laughed, “Well worm, I hope you learn how to hold your breath today, I don’t like slaves breathing as they worship my pussy.” The two guards dismounted and then left talking about the fun they would have tonight.

As they left Fred started to plead with Mi Linn. “Mi Linn, please what is going on? I came here to do the video not pleasure those women.” Mi Linn looked down at him with contempt. “At this point your objections are meaningless. You have signed the contract, you have been video taped verbally agreeing to it, your screwed.” Fred shook his head, “But that was only for that video!” Mi Linn laughed, “What are you going to do about it? This place is run by the Sisterhood of Femdom, no one goes in or out without their permission. If you don’t follow our commands like a good slave dog, we will punish and torture you.” Mi Linn continued, “In fact in the week that you will be staying here you will be participating in other videos.” Fred was shocked, this wasn’t fair, this was suppose to be just a week of psyche tests and script rehearsal, his last week was supposed to have been comfortable not full of pain and degradation.

Fearing the answer, Fred asked, “What other videos?” Mi Linn smiled, “We will be trying to do twenty hardcore Femdom videos before we finally kill you in the finale.” Fred gulped at the word “hardcore.” Mi Linn continued, “A few videos will be some simple humiliation foot worship, then comes the branding video, whipping videos, smother videos, and trample.” With a wicked smile she carefully watched Fred’s face as she continued, “And of course this is going to be hardcore, we will be doing serious damage to your body. Things that we can’t get regular slaves to do, but thanks to your signed and video taped contract, we can do whatever we want.”

Fred loved his wife. He did not want Tanya to struggle financially, but he had to, had to get out of this. Standing up Fred said, “fine you can take your five hundred thousand dollars and shove it, no deal.” Mi Linn slapped him. “You pathetic slime, can you really be that stupid? Do you think you can just walk out of this? With your cooperation or not the video will proceed and you will die.” Fred said, “You can’t do that, I’m breaking the contact, you can’t just kill me against my will that is murder.” Mi Linn just shook her head, “I am going to enjoy watching you suffer.”

Letasha and Nobia had approached at this point. Mi Linn said, “Fred you have a choice, you can kneel down and abase yourself before me, beg my forgiveness and kiss my toes, then follow the sisters and proceed with the practice shoot.” She raised her left hand and said, “Or you can be beaten and tortured until you agree.” Fred looked nervously at the two massive women, “But.. but, I don’t agree anymore, if you do this you will all be murderers.” Hard stares were returned by all three women. Letasha clenched her fist and took one step forward, Fred remembered the horrible pain at the hands of the other two guards, he sobbed and sank to his knees fear clenching his heart.

“Please forgive me Mi Linn, I beg your forgiveness, I will obey,” Fred said in a defeated voice. Mi Linn tapped her foot, he moved forward and kissed her pantyhose covered toes. After he had kissed both feet, he looked up just in time to see Mi Linn spit straight into his face. She said, “That is what I think of you, if you ever disobey again I will see to it that your pathetic cock is destroyed before your little wife arrives.” Fred shivered, he had but one hope left in him. To get past this week of torture and abuse, see his lovely wife again and one last time hold her and feel so sweetly alive when he shoots his load into her. Who knows, he thinks to himself, maybe that last time will actually lead a pregnancy and he would live on. That thought comforted him, for there was no escape now.

He followed Mi Linn to a large wooden table. It had two ankle straps, two wrist straps, it also had leg straps, and a chest strap. He would be spread eagle and unable to move anything except his head. Mi Linn spoke to the two video stars, “I have decided against videotaping the actual strapping him into place, we will start with the reading of the execution sentence and then start with the foot choking. “On the table,” she snapped at Fred. Fred quickly lifted himself on the table. Nobia and Letasha firmly strapped him in. He felt extremely vulnerable, and realized that he would die on this table. Maybe not today but within one week his last breath would be taken here.

After he was firmly strapped in Letasha and Nobia started to strip. Several pictures were being taken of him on the table. The photographers were also dark skinned and locals to the area, but not as large as the guards. Underneath their clothes Letasha and Nobia had black panties and bras. There were also photographed together. Several shots were posed for with him in the background. Mi Linn waved the cameras away. “All right Letasha you will read the execution sentence, while that is being done Nobia you will go up on the table and stand on Fred’s chest.” Mi Linn handed Letasha a piece of paper and then continued her instructions. “Once the sentence is read, stand on his throat, applying more pressure, and Letasha once you have read the sentence take it off camera and return. Verbally berate the condemned as he is being chocked under Nobia’s foot.”

Fred listened with morbid curiosity as he found out what his last moments would be like. There really wasn’t much expected from him, he would be choked by a foot, then insulted, spit on and slapped by Letasha. He would be choked again, this time with her hands, and Letasha would cover his mouth and nose. Mi Linn said, “The goal is to bring him to the brink of passing out, I want to see him squirm and buck before releasing him. Repeat this three times before moving on. Try it now.” Nobia’s massive hands tightened around Fed’s throat, his are was cut off, but apparently to make doubly sure, Letasha massive hands covered his mouth and nose with a tight grip. Fred could see the huge smile on Letasha’s face, she was enjoying this! After thirty seconds his lungs started to burn, he had not gotten a good breath. He instinctively struggled against his restraints, but there was no slack. After forty five seconds he noticed a couple of cameras clicking away pictures over Letasha’s shoulder. After a minute he tried to scream, which of course was impossible. He bucked and squirmed, just as Mi Linn wanted him to, Letasha’s smile had grown even wider. He felt pain in his chest and his eyes rolled up and down and every which way.

They removed their hands, Fred took a raspy ragged breath, and that was all he got. The hands descended suddenly and violently. His next breath was choked from him by Nobia and his mouth and nose were clamped shut. This time by thirty seconds he was at the panic stage. Oh God he thought, they were going to kill me now! They held it while he panicked. Things were getting dark around the edges, his lungs screamed in agony. They removed their hands, sweet air rushed into his lungs, but again one breath was all he got. He tried to maintain some kind of dignity, this was the last one in the set he could focus and not panic. That thought lasted less then half a minute. His lungs in pain again his brain kicked into survival fight or flight mode, and again he futilely struggled against his restraints. He tried to whip his head one way or the other but their grip was like iron. Letasha looked at Nobia with a wicked smile and said, “Want to go for number four just for fun?” Nobia laughed and said, “sure.” Sobbing in frustrated his entire body shook. Right before it seemed like he would pass out, they let in one breath and then clamped down again.

Fred had tears in his eyes again today. He never thought of himself as a weak man, but events were showing that he was. Fred didn’t want to die like this. He didn’t think smothering would be easy, but he didn’t realize the horrible pain in his lungs, or the horrible panic and dread that coursed though his body right before he would pass out. That dread once again filled his body as he found it trying to flail against the restraints. After they released him Mi Linn said, “Well the script has some room for flexibility lets make it four.” Fred lay catching his breath and sobbing. He moaned “please..” and “no more” as his fuzzy mind was trying to focus. Nobia looked at Mi Linn and said, “Wow where did you find this pathetic loser?” Mi Linn shrugged, “He will do, and his reactions will make the video a best seller.” “Lets move on,” she said.

The next set of smothering was done by Letasha who hopped up on the table and sat down on Fred’s face. Meanwhile Nobia stood up and started to stomp on Fred’s chest and stomach. Fred didn’t know what was worse the crushing weight of Letasha, who had to weight at least 200 pounds, or the pounding his torso was receiving. Letasha would adjust her position to better grind down on Fred’s face. He could smell her through her panties, and could tell she was wet. He thought to himself, “I’m surrounded with sick perverted women who all get off on causing me misery!” Fred managed to get bits of air here and there but they were quickly forced out by the relentless stomping. Finally Letasha found a spot where nose was forced up her ass, and his mouth perfectly sealed. Fred’s head was pounding, lack of oxygen, the stomping, and his unsupported head on hard wood was a deadly combination. His brain went off again demanding his escape, he struggled in his bonds using up more oxygen.

When Letasha lifted up her ass, Fred took a breath that was quickly forced out as Nobia jumped down on his stomach with her knees. Letasha promptly sat back down, and the dark world of no air returned. This happened several times. Nobia took her turn as well smothering him forward and reverse. Each time, it was absolute torture for Fred, his mind would scream every time their ample bottoms would descend on his face.

They moved on to a variety of different smother tortures. They used their breasts, which Fred had hoped would be pleasant, but wasn’t. Letasha took off her panties and stuffed them into Fred’s mouth and then put her naked pussy on his nose. He *breathed* cum when she let him up and almost chocked on it. Letasha’s panties still in his mouth, Nobia stood on his face, using her toes to close his nose. Letasha sat with his nose up her crack, the smell was horrible, but not as bad as his wife’s was Fred’s thought. Any thoughts that Fred had were quickly driven out by the smothering. An hour through the practice shoot his body was exhausted. He felt like he had run a marathon, and the two women simply continued relentlessly. Soon they were both completely naked. They traded turns sitting on him, together, separate, and in a dozen different ways. They used their hands, feet, and breasts. Mi Linn was getting excited by all of this, and the way Fred was reaction was a gold mine. She thought to herself, this video is going to sell millions.

The finale was approaching and Mi Linn signaled a break. Fred thankful for the respite sucked in air. Mi Linn spoke, “for the grand finale, you will use your pussy Letasha, and look straight into his eyes. Don’t giggle or laugh, I know I know its great fun, but stare at him with hatred and softly, but strongly say die maggot die.” Mi Linn approached Fred’s head, “As for you, you will stare straight at Letasha, your eyes are never to leave hers, this will be difficult for you since Nobia will be crushing your balls with her hands as the final smother takes place. We of course want maximum pain as you die, now if you look away, Letasha will give you air and continue again, but all while you live, your balls will be in constant agony.” Fred whimpered, he could barely control his body, and the pain….

Looking down at him Mi Linn said, “Think you can handle that dog?” Fred shook his head, “No lady, I can’t control it my body will betray me,” he sobbed. Mi Linn smiled, “I said I would enjoy seeing you suffer, and I have and this will be a wonderful treat, we can practice all day until you get your part right.” Fred moaned as the women took their positions again. Letasha lowered herself and made the seal airtight. She looked down at him with a stern face. Fred looked her in the eye, he wanted to shrink from her glare of contempt, but couldn’t. Then pain exploded, Nobia was squeezing his right ball. The pain caused him to try to scream, it came out muffled underneath the pussy and ass of Letasha. Amazingly enough he was able to keep eye contact with Letasha. The pain worsened and he felt as if he might vomit, the squeezing, crushing, twisted was complete agony on his already beaten balls. Despite the pain, despite the lack of air, despite his body seeking some way out, he held the stare. He was memorized by the look of superiority, contempt, and disgust that he found in those eyes. It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul, if that was true Fred thought, whatever Letasha saw in him disgusted her. “Die maggot,” she whispered. “Die, you pathetic wretch die, die, die, die.” Fred thought he would, Letasha meant for him to die at this point, she wasn’t going to get off, he wasn’t going to see his wife, his mind screamed in fear.

His vision was turning to dark, all he saw were her eyes boring into his soul. And then she simply smiled and got up. Oxygen was slow in coming to Fred, he was utterly surprised. Mi Linn had a look of surprise on her face. “Well, it seems our little slave can follow instructions. By the way Letasha, that was excellent, superb, you nailed it,” Mi Linn praised. Mi Linn raised her voice, “All right that’s a wrap people, your off for the rest of the day, I’ll take a look at the camera angles in the morning.” Looking down at Fred and then back at Letasha and Nobia, “He’s going to be spending the night with the guards, and you know how demanding they can be, give him a good lesson and proper pussy and ass worship.” Smiling at each other they turned to him. Fred could only whimper.

Lessons Part V

Nobia who hadn’t spoken much took charge. “All right, slave, you got me all excited.” She mounted him, and presented her shaved pussy to his face. “I want your tongue deep inside me, and I want it to stay there,” she commanded. Fred swallowed heavily, he never liked going down on a woman, and this woman was going to be very demanding. Worse he hadn’t eaten anything since his flight, and he was already emotionally and physically exhausted from his ordeal. “I’ll try lady.” She slapped his head. “No bitch, you don’t try, you will do it,” Nobia harshly responded. Determined not to be abused any more Fred quickly responded, “Yes Lady,” and got to work.

His tongue moved in, he thrust deep and swirled. “Yesss,” she purred. She grabbed his head and pushed him deeper into her. Her flesh pressed on his nose and he was beginning to have trouble breathing. Nobia was bouncing up and down, this let Fred breath a little. After only five minutes his tongue was getting tired, too much had happened today. Nobia felt his tongue start to slow from its frantic pace. “Letasha, our bitch is slowing.” Letasha nodded, and slapped Fred’s unprotected balls. Fred moaned and tried to renew his efforts. That seemed to satisfy Nobia who increased the tempo of her gyrations. She soon had her first orgasm. Fred gave his tired tongue a rest, but it only lasted a moment as Nobia caught her breath and just grunted, “again.”

Fred started his oral administrations again. Fred desperately wanted to satisfy this woman, he knew the consequences if he did not. So he strove to push his tongue in harder and harder. It was working, for now. She quickly started to bounce with great abandon, the back of his head being slammed against the hard wood table, but he focused on his task. Screaming in pleasure she pushed herself down on him, covering up his nose as well. Fred had hoped the smothering would be over after the video shoot, but like in many things he was wrong. He was out of oxygen he started struggling to get air, which only made Nobia more excited. Her hands pulled his head deeper into her. Fred was frantic, he needed air, Mi Linn wasn’t here she didn’t know that one of her actresses were about to suffocate him. The more he tried to move, the more Nobia writhed in pleasure and pulled him deeper. His lungs ached he saw light at the corners of his eyes and the sound of Nobia screaming filled his ears as he raced toward oblivion.

Fred awoke with pain in his cheek. Opening his eyes he saw Nobia’s hand arch down and slap the other side of his face painfully. “About time you woke up.” Nobia declared. Fred felt sticky wetness on his face, and he could smell her on him. Nobia scooted herself back up towards his face and said, “All right bitch, again.” Fred felt despair, his entire body ached, his tongue was numb and felt swollen, and he had not even started on Letasha! Knowing his fate if he refused, or even hesitated, he began thrusting his tongue into her again. Nobia used his face again. And again. And again. Fred lost track of how many times. He didn’t pass out again, but he almost wish he had. After what must have been the tenth time, Letasha got impatient. “All right my turn, quit hogging the slave,” she said.

Nobia got up and said, “I’ll bring our bitch here some food and water, I’ll want another go later.” Nobia dressed while Letasha mounted Fred’s face. Instead of presenting her pussy to his face, she presented her ass. Fred turned his head to the side right as she plopped down on him. She lifted herself up and glared down at Fred, “What the hell do you think your doing?” Fred mustered up what little courage he had. “Lady, please, I can’t stand licking the ass, I’ll do whatever you like, but please don’t make me do this.” Letasha looked at him, with a soft smile she said, “Oh poor Fred, we didn’t know you did not like that.” The smile turned wicked. “I’ll have you do it every day then.” Fred moaned “Noo please…” Letasha spat in his face. “Why don’t you learn? We hate men here. Your pain, discomfort, and torture delight us. I will be telling the guards to make sure you take good care of their ass holes, in fact I’ll let them know you can be used as human toilet paper.” Fred tried to shout out no, but Letasha sat full weight on his face. She punched his chest with more force then Fred thought a woman could muster. He howled in pain under her ass.

“LICK,” she shouted at him, and then punched his chest again. Fred swore he could feel his heart skip a beat. Realizing what a stupid fool he had been, he stuck his tongue up her ass and started licking. It was not too bad, she was clean, but it was still horribly humiliating and it brought back those horrible memories of when Mary his ex-wife had forced him to do this after she had taken a shit. Stupid, stupid, stupid, Fred thought to himself. If he had just kept his mouth shut and obeyed he wouldn’t be used as human toilet paper tonight. As Letasha moaned above him and he continued licking her sphincter, he knew he had learned his lesson. Never again would he ask for mercy, because these cruel bitches had none.

The Barracks Part VI

Letasha thankfully got all her smothering desires out during the shoot and instead just wanted thorough ass and pussy worship. Nobia came back with a tray of food, and had Fred make her cum one more time. Renewed by the prospect of food he actually did a fantastic job. Second wind and all that. When she was finished with him, she and Letasha unbound the restraints that held him to the table. Before him was bread, and what looked like beef stew. “Eat up bitch,” Nobia said. Apparently that was her favorite word for him, Fred thought. “You will need to keep up your strength, don’t expect any sleep tonight.” Fred was famished, he wolfed down his food, and it tasted great. Getting the taste of ass and pussy out of his mouth was the best part. He was escorted to a bathroom were he was able to relive himself. He looked in the mirror at himself. His face was red, his nose in particularly was raw. He look like he hadn’t slept in days.

“Hurry up slave.” Letasha’s voice called. Fred quickly hurried out of the bathroom. As soon as he came out, Letasha punched him hard in the stomach. He doubled over. Fred croaked out, “why?” Letasha just laughed, “No reason, I just felt like it.” Letasha said, “Follow me to the barracks, it is almost 8, your first shoot in the morning is at 9:00, with 20 guards in the barracks that doesn’t leave much time for your tongue to service them all. Fred gulped, how the hell was he suppose to service these women for twelve hours? That is impossible. Fred knew that he was going to be in for a night of horrible pain.

He glumly followed Letasha through the door and into the cold night air outside. They were going to another building apparently. Fred had a brief thought of escape, but quickly dismissed it, there was barb wire all along the fences. Going into the next building he saw the first room had several couches, two TVs, a pool table, and a large refrigerator. To the right and the left of the room were doors that just said sleeping quarters. There were two women watching TV. Both were slightly larger then the average woman, and both looked incredibly fit. As they watched him enter one of the guard stood up and said, “Ah Letasha you brought our little slave, I look forward to riding his face.” Letasha smiled and said, “Hey Jean, feel free to use him however you want, but be sure to make him lick your ass, he hates that. Make him be the only toilet paper for the entire barracks too.” Jean thanked Letasha, and Letasha waved back at Fred and said, “Have fun!”

Jean look at Fred and then started to scream at him, “What the FUCK do you think your doing standing up. Get on your fucking knees you stupid bitch.” Fred quickly sank to his knees and Jean slapped his face hard. “You will never stand in our presence you wormy little maggot.” He replied, “Yes Lady.” She slapped him again for good measure. She then snapped to where the other guard was sitting on the couch. “We both have had a long day, you will rub both of our feet.” Fred quickly obeyed, he lifted the guards foot and started to rub and kneaded them. They both ignored him except to kick him lightly in the face to rub the other foot. After about twenty minutes both guards had had enough pampering and were ready to show him to the other girls.

He was led to one of the sleeping quarters where three more guards were just waking up, Fred presumed they worked the night shift. One of the guards looked at Jean and said, “What’s a man doing here?” Jean said, “Little bitch boy here gave us some trouble, so he has to pleasure us tonight, and serve as our toilet paper, I wanted to catch you guys before you used the bathroom.” The guards face lit up at the prospect of abusing Fred that way. “Wonderful, and I need to take a shit this morning, my lucky day huh.” Fred felt bile rise in his throat. It was bad enough with Letasha, but she was clean. This time he would have to actually lick a dirty ass, essentially to lick her shit. Seeing the look of disgust on his face, the guard punched him right in the nose. Fred felt his nose break as he fell back. She yelled at him, “You ungrateful dog, I will make you beg to lick my ass, and you will thank me for each and every second you spend up my ass crack.”

Fred immediately tried to appease her, “I’m sorry Lady, please forgive me.” She stalked toward him, slamming her foot on his chest she said, “Beg for the privilege of licking my dirty ass.” Fred begged and this seem to satisfy her. She went to the restroom and said, “I’ll be back in five, have that tongue ready.” Fred’s nose throbbed with pain, he wondered how they would handle the face sitting parts in the film. Another guard approached and said, “We’ve got five minutes to kill, kiss my feet.” She sat at the edge of bunk, her feet dangling down. Fred knelt and began kissing her toes, and then her soles. “A man on his knees kissing my feet, I love that.” The third guard approached and said, “For me, it’s a man screaming beneath my feet that I love.” She gave a lusty look at Fred. At that moment the toilet flushed and the guard who had punched Fred came out.

“Girls hold him down, if he doesn’t lick with enthusiasm, give him some encouragement,” she said with a smile. Fred’s mind was screaming no, but he was determined to avoid more pain so he kept his face passive. The other guards and Jean held him down, he saw the guards ass descend on him. “Mouth open wide and your tongue out bitch,” she demanded. Fred did as she asked, she dropped down on his face hard, ass right on his tongue. He grunted, both from the weight and the horrible smell and taste that assaulted his senses. Fred licked up and down her shit hole. It tasted… well it tasted like shit! Rancid and foul, he barely was able to keep it down. “Get it nice and clean shit face,” she taunted him. Fred did just that, for ten minutes he cleaned her ass. When the guard felt like he had done enough she stood up and looked down. Jean laughed and said, “Look he’s got shit on his nose, hah!” “Brownnoser” All the guards laughed at him. Jean said, “Time for you to worship my pussy brownnoser, but first you need to get cleaned up, someone get a bucket of water and soap”

The guards returned with a bucket of water, soap had already been added and suds were at the top. The guards grabbed him, Jean held his head while two others held his arms. “Take a deep breath boy,” Jean warned. She then thrust his head into the water, and held it. For long moments Fred was held underwater. He started to struggle and panic but her grip on his hair and head were solid. He screamed underwater as one of the guards took the opportunity to kick him in his balls. Water filled his mouth and in panic he breathed through his nose, water entering his air passages. Jean hauled his head out of the water. He coughed and spluttered, barely getting a tiny breath of air before she thrust his head into the water again. It grew dark and Fred started to see stars, he needed air. Just then his head broke the water again, this time he got a good lung full of air before they thrust him into the bucket again.

Fred had been trying to guard his manhood but the women above him were spreading apart his legs. Another scream after another kick caused Fred to swallow more water. His poor abused balls had been attacked so often today he didn’t know ho much more they could physically take. After several more dips into the water and kicks to the groin they finally let him up and removed the bucket. “Ah, now don’t you feel better that your all clean now?” Jean taunted. They turned him over and Jean dropped her panties. The previous guard, Letasha and Nobia were all shaven. Jean though had a thick mat of hair. Jean sat down on his face and demanded he lick. Fred again took to the task with an effort to avoid more beatings. His nose hurt like hell as she bounced against it as he licked her to orgasm after orgasm.

After what seemed like forever a voice demanded, “Get off him already Jean I just took a big dump and need that tongue. With a grumble Jean got up and a massive woman came into view. She wasn’t muscular or fit like the others. She was all fat. Over two hundred pounds at least. Without preamble she dropped on him like a ton of bricks. He struggled to get his mouth in position to lick her ass. “Come on boy, I don’t have all day I have shit to do,” she said. Eventually he was able to get started on the job, but not before his nose had been rammed up her ass. After he had done this disgusting impossible duty again she heaved herself up. Jean looked down, “You have managed to get yourself dirty again…”

And so it went. He was drowned in the bucket again, he made all the guards cum and licked almost a dozen dirty ass holes. He was beaten for the hell of it, he was spit on, kicked and abused. For over ten hours he lived through hell. Fred focused on one thing. His beautiful wife, he would have her one more time. And then die a horrible death. But she would be provided for, she would think fondly of him, he was doing the best he could. When the night was finally over Fred’s torture was just beginning however. The guards were going to take him to the set. They were going to film an extremely brutal whipping film, that was going to push all sorts of boundaries. And Fred was going to be there unwilling star. Three guards had been chosen to administer the whipping non stop. They laughed as they marched the tired beaten body of Fred to the set. Taunting him, telling him how much they would enjoy flaying the skin and flesh from his body. They told him how they would cane his ass until the skin broke, how he would not be able to sit or lay down without horrible pain. Fred whimpered as they took him through the doors of the set.

Part VII – The first video

Fred entered the set, this time a stockade had been placed. Mi Linn was there and she had several video camera operators and a photographer. Mi Linn looked at him, “Had a good night?” Fred could only nod, Fred knew from last night he was not to complain, instead he had to thank them each time they beat him or forced him to lick a filthy ass. “Excellent, go ahead and put him in the stockade, we will take a few still shots with you three modeling next to him, and then we will start on the video,” Mi Linn explained. The guards locked him into the stockade, his hands and his head as usual, they also had a leg stockade that forced his legs to remain in the same position so he could not dodge any blow.

Mi Linn checked to make sure all of the cameras were at the proper angles and then said, “All of you know the script, well except Fred, but we thought it would be more realistic if you did not know what was coming.” Fred was no longer able to view behind him as the women took their instruments of torture from the wall. One of the guards came into view, she was holding a sturdy cane. Mi Linn cried, “Action!” The guard announced, “Here we have a prisoner, his crime was disrespect to women, he will have his punishment administered to him by whip, crop, and cane. He will not be released until the hour is over, and there will be no break in the punishment. Begin!”

The first of many lashes struck Fred’s back. It hurt. It hurt bad. A line of fire seemed to be drawn across his back. Soon another one joined it, and another. Fred cried at each blow. The blows came consistently, they crisscrossed his back until it felt like someone had a lit a fire on his back. Fred howled as each brutal blow slammed into him. Cutting into his flesh. The cameras clearly showed the bloody lines on his back. The guard who had announced his “sentence” said, “Too much screaming, I’ll have to shut you up.” With that she took off her panties and stuffed them in Fred’s mouth. Using some duct tape they sealed Fred’s mouth up. The whipping continued with barely a pause. This time Fred’s howls were muffled by the gag. “Ah much better,” she said. Fred was in agony, the whips knew no mercy, just constant burning pain overlapping pain.

After what seemed like an eternity to Fred, but was only 10 minutes, the whipping stopped. Fred was sobbing, even though the whipping had stopped it hurt like hell. The lead guard slapped his face. “Now it is time to move on to your caning. We will administer 100 strokes, and you will count them. Should you fail to do so, we will start over at 1.” She ripped the tape off his mouth and took out the panties. She presented her can to his face. “Kiss it slave.” Fred did so. She walked around to his backside. With all her strength she struck his ass with it. Fred yelped in pain. Before he could even say one a second one struck him, the other guard also had a cane and was on the other side. One of the guards moved to his front side and slapped his face hard several times. “Count for your masters slave!” Fred mewled pitifully and said, “Yes lady.”

They resumed the canning. Fred shouted out the correct numbers, though often times it was between howls and sobs of pain. Some how he managed to get to a hundred. Barely conscious, he felt as if his ass were run over by a truck. Fred tried to stay perfectly still, every slight movement brought fresh waves of agony. Fred lost track of the time, but the video was actually not even half over, so pain and surprise registered as a crop landed on his brutalized but. The strikes were painful, and the women targeted his most badly beaten parts. They struck his back, but, and thighs. Soon Fred was begging for them to stop, pleading with them. The guard pulled his head up, as far as it could in the stockade, and looked him in the eye. “Shut up dog. If you let out one more squeal we will give you another 100 strokes of the cane.” Fred shook his head, he wouldn’t be able to stop from crying out and they knew that. The attacks came again on his body and Fred did not have the ability to stop from crying out. “Well slave, I guess you like being beaten.” Fred begged “Please no more, oh god, have mercy, don’t do this no…”

All the guards laughed. They switched implements of torture and brought out there canes. They struck again on his already bruised ass. Somewhere around twenty five the skin broke and bleeding occurred. The guards took care to strike there several times, blood matted their canes. One took hers and went back around to the front. “It is dirty, you made it unclean with your filthy blood, suck it off.” Fred kept his mouth close. The guard jabbed his face with it, “Suck it or we will do 200.” Fred opened his mouth and the guard thrust the bloody cane into his mouth. Fred chocked on it, but eventually was able to suck the blood off the end of it. He felt the iron taste of blood in his mouth, he almost retched, but feared the consequences so much he swallowed it back down.

The canning was finally over. Fred didn’t think he would be able to sit again. Mi Linn shouted, “Cut! Great job ladies.” Fred slumped in relief that it was over. Mi Linn came over to Fred. “Rough shoot?” Fred nodded and said “Yes lady,” his throat raw from screaming it was barely above a whisper. Mi Linn grinned, “Well the shoot is over, but they looked like they were having so much fun with the whips and canes that I think I’ll give it a try too.” Fred shook his head no and moaned as Mi Linn took a whip off the wall.

Part VIII – Long Night

Mi Linn was very brutal, what made it worse was this wasn’t for the video. This was just sheer sadism, she just wanted him to scream. After she had her cruel fun Mi Linn ordered the guards to apply alcohol to his wounds. This not only hurt Fred, but made sure nothing got infected. Mi Linn wanted to make sure Fred would survive the week, before snuffing him out. Fred was released from his bondage. He collapsed on the ground. Mi Linn told the guards, “Take him to his sleeping quarters, be sure he gets some rest, we have three videos to do tomorrow.” Two guards approached him, “Slave get on all fours, why should we have to walk?” Fred was battered and exhausted, his back burned with pain, with a groan he wobbly got to his knees. Without hesitation both guards plopped down on his now scarred back. Fred let out a groan and almost collapsed but with a tremendous effort to of will he held his position. One of the guards slapped his head, “Move it.” Fred started to crawl, following the guards directions.

Fred’s sleeping quarters were simple. A cot, a small table, and a toilet. The guards led him into the room. “Before you go to sleep, we want to use you again,” one of the guards said. Fred got on the bed, and winced from the pain, he would be sleeping on his stomach tonight. But not yet. The guard took off her undergarments and mounted his face. Fred functioned like an automation, his tongue had long since gone numb, he did his best to ignore the sharp stinging pain in his back every time she bounced on his face. Soon she was climaxing, when she got up his face was sticky from her wetness. The other guard took a turn, sitting down on his nose with her ass he licked her until she was satisfied. They put on their clothes and then left him. Fred was exhausted, with no energy left he flopped on his stomach and fell asleep immediately.

Fred was running. Women were after him, he knew if they caught him they would kill him, slowly. He had to escape. He was so tired, he had been running for hours. And they were getting closer. He tripped over a rock. Sprawling on the ground he got up to find himself surrounded by women. Huge women closing in on him.

Fred woke with a scream, he wasn’t sure how long he had been asleep, but there was someone in the room with him. Letasha moved out of the shadows. “I can’t sleep either, I keep thinking about what will happen in one week’s time. It gets me so hot, I just need a release,” she said as she approached. Fred looked up at her weakly, “Please I need rest.” Letasha just advanced. “I don’t care I need your tongue in my pussy, now!”
She rolled him over, fresh pain rushed up to Fred’s brain as his still unhealed back touched the sheet. Letasha sat down on his chest, she grabbed his arms and pushed them behind his head and then scooted up. “If I can’t sleep, why the hell should you?” she told him. Fred had no choice but to begin servicing her. Letasha sighed with pleasure and said, “I’ll try to get some sleep, but I’ll stay in the room, if I get hot again you know what to do.” She looked around and spoke again, “Guess that means you will be sleeping on the floor.”

It was going to be a long night….

Part IX The Branding

Fred didn’t get much sleep that night. Letasha left right before the other guards came. Two guards came in, turning on the light. One said, “Wake up, you have had enough rest.” The guards pushed him down, they were going to ride him to the set. As soon as there backsides touched his back, Fred groaned with pain. Simply brushing his back against something hurt, but when two women dropped their full weight on him…
The guard slapped his head, “Shut up, or I will really give you something to complain about.”

Fred was taken to the set again. Nobia and Letasha were apparently going to be the stars of this film as well. Mi Linn approached Fred, her 4 inch heels clicking as she walked toward him, “In this video you will have our mark imprinted on your flesh with a burning hot brand.” Fred looked around in horror, they already had a hot red glowing brand warmed up for him. The guards dismounted off his backside, Mi Linn spoke up, “Kiss the guards feet, and thank them for bring you to us.” Fred’s aching joints and muscles cried out in relief after having their weight removed. He quickly rained kisses down on their boots. Mi Linn kicked him in his heavily bruised purpled ass. “I said their feet not their boots, idiot.” Fred’s eyes watered from the pain, the beating was so bad yesterday that even a light kick in his rear could cause unbearable pain.

Fred removed the first guard’s boots. Her dark feet flexed and Fred started kissing her feet, “Thank you for bringing me here lady, thank you, thank you.” The guard laughed and told Mi Linn, “Wow that is a change from just a couple of days ago when he thought he wouldn’t have to carry us!” Fred kissed and licked until she kicked him away, he did the same for the other guard. Mi Linn smiled, Fred was truly broken there wasn’t a hint of hesitation, just a desire to avoid further pain. It was a pity he would be dead at the end of the week, he would have made a good slave.

When Fred finished the second guards feet he was ordered to put their boots back on. One of them asked Mi Linn, “May we stay and watch, it isn’t everyday we see a man branded?” Mi Linn responded, “Of course just be sure to be quiet during the filming.”

Mi Linn looked down at Fred, “Crawl on your belly to the stocks, we will be using them again.” As Fred slithered across the floor he wondered how bad the pain would be. Surely it couldn’t be worse then what happened yesterday. The brand looked like a female supremacy icon he had seen before around the place. He shuddered to think of that glowing piece of metal touching him. Mi Linn calmly strode atop Fred’s scarred back with her sharp heels. Fred cried out. “Shush,” Mi Linn said as she stamped on his back to quiet him. She continued what she had been about to say, “I am sure you are all very excited about this film. We have only done one other branding film before, and that will be tame compared to this. We will brand both his ass cheeks, the cheeks on his face, two on the chest, and one right above his cock.”

Fred gaped in disbelief, he wasn’t going to be branded once, he was going to be branded seven times! The mix of camera operators, photographers, Nobia, Letasha, the guards all cheered. Mi Linn looked down at Fred, who was currently shaking his head slowly and moaning no over and over again, “You have no idea how much I am going to enjoy watching you suffer.” Stepping off him she said, “Put him in the stocks, we will brand his ass first, filming begins once he is in.” Letasha and Nobia easily lifted him off the ground and secured him in the stocks. His legs were also secured. Nobia raised the palm of her hand to his face. “Kiss the hand that will scar your flesh.” Fred kissed her hand. Nobia sneered, “Pathetic Bitch.” And then she slapped him. Mi Linn called out, “Action.” When she did Letasha begin to speak in a foreign language. Fred wasn’t sure what she was saying, but the cameras were all on her.

This went on for a minute and then Nobia walked over and picked up the brand. She walked behind Fred. Fred felt every muscle in his body tense up, he closed his eyes and clenched his jaw. Nobia brought the brand next to his ass, inching it closer, Fred felt the heat of it, it wasn’t far away now. The brand solidly struck his flesh. Nerve endings rocketed the sensation of pain to his brain. Fred screamed. His body shook as he howled, the horrible pain lashing his mind, telling him to flee. But of course he was secured in the stocks so his body merely shook as his screams turned to wretched cries and sobs. Letasha came to the front and slapped him, then used her hands to shut his mouth. Fred still felt the pain keenly his screams now muffled by her hands. His body jerked, finally the pain subsided a little, it still sent messages of agony with every beat of his heart, but he could stop screaming.

Nobia walked over and grabbed another brand, this one now glowing hot as well. She held two fingers up and grinned sadistically at him. Fred struggled, he begged, “please no, don’t it hurts too much please, oh please,” his begging was cut off as Letasha removed her panties and shoved them in his mouth. She held them there with her hand as Nobia brought the other brand to his ass. Again she slowly brought the brand near him, he tried to lift his ass away from it, Fred’s eyes rolled around the room trying to find something, anything to take away the pain. The brand seared his flesh, a mirror opposite of the other side of his ass. Even with Letasha’s hand and her panties muffling his cries, everyone in the room heard them clearly.

Fred’s body again went through convulsions, mercifully for Fred, his brain had had enough and Fred blacked out. Mi Linn shouted, “Cut.” She walked forward, to Fred’s unconscious form, she lifted his head and slapped him a few times. “Take 10 everyone, he will wake up soon enough.” Letasha walked over to Nobia, “How was it? Scarring a man’s flesh like that?” Nobia responded, “Wonderful, that much power over someone, you will get your turn on his face, you will see, better even then sitting on mans face.”

Fred was woken up with some cold water. His first sensation was the twin burning pains of his but. Every muscle in his body was also sore from his struggles. He realized that they had another brand warmed up for him. His stomach knotted up and he retched what little he had in him over the floor. Mi Linn saw what happened and was infuriated, she stalked toward Fred. “I ought to make you lick that up off the floor you miserable wretch.” She kicked his unprotected balls. “Pathetic animal, I’ll have your manhood ripped off before your precious wife arrives, I would like to see you enjoy her company then.” Fred cried out, “No, please Lady, it is the only thing that keeps me sane, I’m sorry I couldn’t help it.” Mi Linn kicked his balls again, “She gestured at the guard, clean this up we need to continue the video.” The guard gave an evil glare at Fred but grabbed a mop and cleaned up the mess.

The video continued. Fred was branded four more times, and passed out twice. Mercifully (for once) after he passed out with the final brand in his gut, they let him sleep.
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Re: Fred (Femdom / Smother / Torture / Snuff / Toilet)

Postby Sauurman » Wed Jun 01, 2011 6:16 am

Part X The Week

Fred was allowed some rest and his numerous wounds were treated. Fred would play a role in several videos over the course of the week. In one video Fred had to clean Letasha and Nobia’s dirty feet. The video of course like the others was extreme. Both of the women had their feet caked in mud. Only Mi Linn’s threat of ripping his manhood off kept Fred from vomiting half way through the video. Another video actually had Mi Linn star in it. She wore steel tipped stilettos and trampled him with no mercy. His entire body was covered in tiny puncture wounds and scratches.

Perhaps the worst video for Fred was the ball busting one. The only thing that kept Fred going was the thought of one last time of great sex with is beautiful wife. His balls had been kicked, stomped on, and squeezed. He worried that he would not ever be able to get an erection again. There were more videos, face sitting, trample, spitting, boot cleaning, and pony riding. Through it all, Letasha was a constant presence at night, making him pleasure her every night several times.

The week was rolling to a close, Fred felt as he had been in this hell for months. He had the opportunity to look at himself in the mirror. His scars on his cheeks stood out, his nose was bent oddly, he looked a little thinner as well. His backside was a mess of scars. His balls were purple and discolored. In just a couple of hours he would be servicing Letasha one more time and then they would shoot the video. His wife would be here soon, one last glimpse, one last orgasm, that was all he wanted.

Letasha came into his room. “Today is the day you die slave,” Letasha said in a deep lusty voice. Letasha stripped her panties off fast and just grabbed Fred’s head and rammed it into her wet pussy. Fred quickly brought her to an orgasm. “Oh damn today is going to be fun,” she said to him. “Let’s go,” she said as she forced him to all fours and dropped down on his back. Fred groaned under her weight, even though he had been doing this constantly this last week, he felt pain in his knees, and his back whenever she rode him. Letasha rode him into the set. The set was jam packed with people. Mi Linn, Nobia, Jean, half a dozen other guards, 4 camerawomen, and several photographers.

Mi Linn had them start taking photographs in various poses. Fred was scared to speak, but did so anyway. “Lady Mi Linn, uh, is my… ah, wife here,” Fred hesitantly asked. Mi Linn moved over to Fred and slapped his face hard three times. “You worthless shit, how dare you speak? Your wife has been delayed, but the show must go on.” Fred was devastated; he wasn’t going to see his wife. “Please my wife… you promised. Mi Linn laughed, “I’m certainly not delaying this shoot because your idiot wife couldn’t catch a plane. Put him on the table, its time to snuff him.”

Fred began screaming and shouting that he was promised, the guards grabbed him and dragged him over to the table. He was forced down, and one by one his limbs were fastened to the table. Fred quieted down when he realized this was it. He was going to die, a slow painful death. He was not going to see his wife. He was never going to have sex again. His last moments would be filled with pain and then he would die. Overwhelming despair crept over him and Fred began to cry silently.

Mi Linn decided to change the script, with that fool crying on the table it would add to the video. Weeping before an execution was bound to make it even better. The cameras started rolling. Letasha took out the scroll and Nobia climbed atop Fred. Fred’s crying stopped as he groaned from Nobia’s weight. Nobia placed her big black foot on Fred’s throat and began to choke him. Letasha finished reading the execution sentence and then said, “You worthless male piece of shit, I am going to kill you.” She spat in his face. The video began, it was much like the practice shoot, only this time Fred’s terror was intensified by the fact that this would be the end. He would die.

Two hours passed, Fred was tortured, smothered, and choked. The end was coming. Letasha mounted his face, looking down at him. Nobia grabbed his manhood and began squeezing with all her might. Fred’s scream was muffled by Letasha’s pussy, backed up by 200 pounds of pure woman. Fred bucked, he was going to die. Oh my god he was going to die. Fred was so panicky, but Letasha’s stare held his firmly. “Die maggot, die you worthless wretch, DIE.” With no oxygen coming to his brain he could only think of one thing. He was going to die and he was in pain. Fred’s struggles stopped. He had passed out.

Fred was surprised to wake up. He had been sure that was the end. He looked around, wondering why he was alive. Mi Linn was there smiling, “Well Fred, you are in luck your wife made it.” As she said that she gestured at the door way. Joy filled his heart as he saw his wonderful wife walk in. She was Five foot 2, had her black hair neatly pulled behind her in a ponytail, and she was wearing a skintight tank top. Confusion followed when Doctor Crane entered behind her. Followed by absolute horror as his ex-wife Mary walked in with a wicked smile on her face.

Part XI Love

Fred was still trying to understand what was going on when Mary walked to where he was tied down. Mary stalked forward, “You have no idea how long I have waited for this day Fred.” She had her nails painted red, she used them to pinch Fred’s nipple. He let out a gasp and said, “I don’t understand how did you find out about this, why are you here?” Laughing Mary responded, “You always were stupid, here let me make it clear for you.” Mary continued to pinch Fred’s nipple, her nail had pierced the skin and was drawing blood. “This was all planned by me, yes me. Your wife? My lesbian sub, I told her to seduce you and marry you, all so it could lead up to this. The doctor and the diagnose, that was me to.” Fred’s mind raced, “You mean I was never dying?” Mary laughed, “Of course not, you were perfectly healthy, which made all this even better.” Fred shook his head, the realization that he had been tricked, that he truly would of had his entire life ahead of him sunk in.

Fred lunged at Mary, or at least he tried to. Fred was still strapped down so all he could do was shiver in rage. “Remember when you said you would kill me Fred? Well now I am going to kill you, and as you die, think on the fact that all of this torture, all of the pain, the degradation, all of it was preventable, but you were too stupid to figure it out.” Doctor Crane and Tanya also stepped forward. The doctor said, “I know you were a pathetic loser the first time you came into my office, always looking at my breasts and legs, it was my pleasure to have a hand in your death. She bent down and spat in his face.

Tanya also came forward she said, “I never loved you, I only love Mistress Mary, if she hadn’t commanded me to seduce and marry you I wouldn’t have touched you with a ten foot pole.” Mary put a possessive hand on Tanya’s shoulder, she spoke to her, “Make him scream Tanya.” Tanya replied, “Yes Mistress.” Fred looked at the wife he had loved, he couldn’t believe it was all a lie. She wasn’t going to hurt him, she loved him! Tanya punched one of his balls. Fred cried, both from the pain of being struck and the pain of betrayal. Tanya continued to slap punch and squeeze Fred’s manhood, Fred cried out and Mary laughed, she said, “Yes Fred, scream you little bitch scream.”

Tanya finished torturing his balls. “Did I do well Mistress?” Mary smiled and kissed her passionately on the lips, “You did wonderful.” Mary felt a wonderful thrill of power and fulfillment go through her. She had utterly destroyed Fred, she had taken every thing away from him and then had him brutally tortured beyond human endurance. She taunted Fred, “How does it feel you little maggot, the woman you loved and trusted destroying your balls?” Fred was angry, depressed, and truly defeated, everyone he loved had betrayed him, except curiously this strange feeling was coming over him. Acceptance? No. He still loved Tanya. He was happy for her, despite all this he loved her and Mary couldn’t take that away. He laughed. “I won’t lie to you bitch, I hate you and what you have done and I don’t want to die or go through this. But I feel good because the woman I still love has found happiness, even if it is with you.

Mary couldn’t believe this, Fred still loved Tanya, and why was he smiling? Fred said, “I love you Tanya, always will, I wish you the best in your life, whatever you do to me, or whatever I am say after this, know that I don’t blame you and still love you.” Fred smiled, it felt good to forgive someone, he had held hatred in his heart for Mary for so long and it had poisoned him. Mary was furious, Fred was supposed to be despairing, begging for his life, or at least cursing everyone. Mary snapped at Tanya, “Make him suffer until he does hate you.” Tanya replied, “Yes Mistress.” She got to work once again brutalizing his balls, this time digging her nails in. She also held one down and slammed her fist into it. Fred’s shrieks of pain were a salve to the frustrated Mary but it was not enough. She wanted Fred completely broken… She moved over to Mi Linn and spoke with her while Tanya continued.

Mi Linn then spoke with the guards and Letasha. Mary said, “enough.” Tanya moved away from Fred. “Fred do you still love Tanya?” Fred had tears in his eyes from the pain but he still croaked out, “Yes and even if you beat me enough for me to say otherwise it won’t be true, I love her.” Mary whirled to Tanya, “You failed.” And then backhanded her across the face extremely hard. Tanya cried out and fell down, she was confused. Yes she was a submissive but she didn’t like pain games, and Mary had never done this before. “Mistress?” she said while on the ground. Mary looked at Fred, “I despise you, and because you still love Tanya, she is going to feel pain, and then she will die.” Fred screamed, “NO, I don’t love her I was just saying that to get at you… NO” Mary laughed. “You are an idiot.”

Tanya couldn’t believe her ears. “Mistress please I have always done good, please.” Mary kicked her. Nobia and Letasha grabbed Tanya, up from the ground. They easily lifted her 110 pound frame. Meanwhile three guards quickly untied Fred, he struggled but in his weakened state he couldn’t do much. Tanya screamed but Nobia covered her mouth and nose with her hand. The guards had forced Fred off and handcuffed his hands behind his back. Mary slapped Fred, “You’re going to watch your love being tortured by these amazons, and remember, if you had kept your mouth shut she would still be alive tomorrow.” Tanya’s face was turning colors as she had just screamed before Nobia’s suffocating hand sealed her air passages. Tanya was thrown on the table, she gasped for air, Nobia and Letasha quickly had he strapped down on the table. Letasha asked, “What should we do first?” Mary smiled, “whatever you please, just don’t kill her quickly, I want Fred to watch this for a long time.” Tanya begged, “Please Mistress oh please don’t…” she was cut off as Nobia planted her ass on Tanya’s face. Two hundred plus pounds of flesh cut off whatever else she was about to say.

Part XII Tanya

Fred looked on in horror as his wife was buried under the black Amazon. He had felt the horrible crushing weight on himself, it must be even worse for her. The two guards held him down easily. Tanya felt as if her skull would split open, the hard back of the table she was on provided no cushion as Nobia sat on her. Tanya couldn’t believe this was happening to her, yes she was a submissive, but she liked the sensual side of things, Mary never did this to her. Tanya tried to move her head to escape the suffocation and the horrible crushing pressure on her skull. But it was impossible for her to dislodge 200 pounds with just her neck. A minute passed, Tanya thought she was going to die, she wasn’t that lucky.

Nobia lifted herself off Tanya. She pushed herself back so she was sitting on Tanya’s breasts. Tanya gasped for air when Nobia had removed herself from her face, and then she promptly lost it as the weight forced air out of her lungs. Nobia took her right hand and wrapped it completely around Tanya’s neck. Squeezing she said, “You are going to lick my ass bitch, if you don’t I’ll sit full weight again and have Letasha on my lap.” Tanya could only make choking sounds. Tanya had kissed Mary’s ass before but never actually licked her crack, that would be disgusting! Nobia released her neck and lowered her ass onto Tanya’s face. Tanya started to lick as Nobia descended, Nobia did not use her full weight, but it still pressed down on her.

Nobia grunted, “Yeah that’s right bitch lick my sweaty ass.” Tanya’s tongue thrust into her anus, she was eager to please, hopefully they would show some mercy on her. Tanya had not yet learned the lesson that Fred had, there would be no mercy. “Deeper bitch, deeper.” Tanya tried, but it wasn’t possible for her tongue to get any deeper. Nobia dropped her full weight onto Tanya, Tanya’s muffled cries were barely heard. Nobia said to Letasha, “Give her some incentive to try harder.” Letasha smiled and climbed onto the table. She straddled on the lower half of Tanya. Nobia moved back a little so Tanya could get air. She gasped for air right as Letasha viciously punched her belly. All the air she had just sucked it blew right back out. She felt as if a ten ton brick had landed on her. Nobia laughed as she dropped her full weight back down on Tanya’s face.

Mary smiled at the anguish on Fred’s face. She casually slapped his face and said, “all your doing dear.” Tanya who had no air in her lungs was panicking. Trapped beneath the hot smelly ass, she tried to suck in air and all she got was flesh. Her face squirming was incredibly erotic for Nobia who kept bouncing slightly, so flesh was always in contact with her victims face. Just as she was about to pass out Nobia lifted herself off of her. She sucked in air, and at the same time she quickly clenched her stomach for the oncoming punch. It didn’t matter. Letasha’s fist drove into her again, making a mockery of her abs. Gasping again her mouth gaping like a fish was the position she was in when Nobia slammed into her again. Her mouth was stuck open as Nobia sat down, her jaw was in so much pain, she thought it was going to break. Despite her mouth wide open, she still couldn’t get any air. Tears were in her eyes as her jaw was stretched to the breaking point. Nobia again lifted herself up. Tanya was able to get in air, she was cringing waiting for the punch, except it never came.

Until she relaxed, then Letasha slammed into her belly a third time. Tanya felt like something was broken inside of her, pure pain was coming from her gut. Nobia glared down at her, “Now stick that tongue up my ass, I want to feel it in my colon!” Tanya thrust her tongue again into the ass, straining until it hurt she pushed in. “Not good enough, Letasha, show her we really mean business.” Letasha stood up on the table, and then placed one foot on Tanya’s already battered belly. Fred winced, the trample that he had received was harsh, and Tanya had a much slighter build. Letasha stepped up with her other foot, her huge feet could barely find room on Tanya. Tanya felt excruciating pain, her internal organs seem to be pushed and squashed under those huge feet. She screamed into Nobia’s ass. “Come on bitch stick that tongue in deeper.” Tanya tried, oh did she try, but of course that wasn’t good enough for Nobia. Nobia stood up, Tanya did he best to get in air despite Letasha standing on her. Tanya’s face had turned a beet red, she was clearly suffering.

Nobia struck Tanya’s face hard. “Since you are such a pathetic bitch, I will join Letasha.” Tanya could only moan out a pitiful “nooo.” Nobia stepped onto Tanya’s chest right between her breasts. Putting her full weight on her she heard something crack, Tanya screamed. Both women continued to trample her without mercy. Up and down her fragile body, Fred cried out when the entire room could hear the first rib crack. Nobia gravitated towards Tanya’s face. Her massive foot moved from her breast to her collarbone to her neck. Tanya’s face was turning purple from the foot blocking her windpipe. Fred was certain that was how they were going to kill her and he struggled with his bonds. Mary laughed at Fred’s pathetic struggles, she dug her nails into the back of his neck just to add a little to his torment.

Nobia finally moved off of Tanya’s neck, but only to place her Amazonian foot on her face. Tanya’s face was pushed to the side as Nobia stood full weight on the side of her face. Nobia had a difficult time getting a good balance, both of her feet entirely covered her victims poor head. Tanya thought her head would explode, the pressure just kept building and building, she cried out for mercy. Letasha laughed and strode across Tanya’s body to give Nobia a hand, she had noticed she was a little unbalanced sitting on such a tiny perch. As Nobia and Letasha linked hands, Nobia started to stomp on Tanya’s face with one foot. Now with only one foot on the side of her head the pressure increased and on poor Tanya’s skull, worse was the stomps were completely ruining her face, one hard stomp knocked out several of her back teeth, she could taste her blood.

When Nobia and Letasha decided to get off and see the damage they did they were surprised at how quick they worked. Tanya was sobbing, her nose looked broken, and was bleeding. She feebly spit out several teeth along with blood. She was having trouble breathing, all she could do was short ragged breaths. Doctor Crane commented, “It looks like you girls may have punctured her lung when you were breaking her ribs.” Tanya cried pitifully and looked at Mary, “Please mistress make them stop.” Mary walked away from Fred and to Tanya. “You poor thing, this really has been unfair to you.” She stroked Tanya’s cheek, “I’ll tell you what, if Fred begs for your life, explaining what a loser he is and how amazing I am, I will let you live.”

Fred immediately sprung into action, he could save his wife! The two guards released him, he was still cuffed though. He crawled on his knees to Mary. “Mary I am worthless, I never treated you right, you were an amazing wife.” Mary stopped him with a vicious kick to his balls. She grabbed his hair and brought hers closer to his face. Barely an inch apart she looked into his eyes and said, “You will need to do much better then that, and to make things interesting, I will be sitting on your face while you explain how much of a Goddess I am and how much of a worthless piece of shit you are. While you do this you will also be kissing my heels, if I hear something I like, I’ll let her breath, if you satisfy me, she will live. I know it is difficult for such a numbskull for you to think, but I want some variety and creativity.”

Tanya was clutching on to hope, maybe just maybe she would live. Her body ached all over, breathing hurt, every breath was agony. She tried to take deep breaths before Mary sat down on her face, but they hurt even more, more tears welled in her eyes. Mary bent down and kissed Tanya on the mouth, “If you don’t make it, goodbye, you were fun.” Mary paused for a second, “Just to make it more interesting, Letasha, Nobia stand on her while Fred begs.” Both women smiled, eager to visit more destruction on their helpless victim. Mary positioned Tanya’s face and then sat down. “You may begin worm,” she said to Fred.

Fred’s mind raced he started kissing her shoe and then said, “I am worthless, I’m not fit to do this, I was so lucky to have such a stunning beautiful amazing women in my life. I am a stupid idiotic pea brain fool for leaving.” He looked up to see if she had budged. She said, “A good start, but I want better then that.” Fred kissed her shoe some more, “You are a Goddess, you outshine everyone when you enter the room, I love you and should have showered you with praise every day.” Mary smiled, “Better.” She lifted herself a brief instant off of Tanya’s face, she gasped what she could with almost five hundreds pounds on her stomach and chest. “Tell me more about how pathetic you are.”

While Fred did that, Tanya was going through hell. The relentless pounding of those two giant women were doing amazing damage. Her entire lower body was filled with pain and the breath she took wasn’t enough air to last even seconds. She barely heard Fred speak about what a maggoty faced loser he was. Whatever he said wasn’t enough for Mary since Tanya didn’t feel her budge an inch. Her pussy and ass still robbed her of all air. Mary said sadistically, “Obliviously you don’t care about your wife there either or you would be trying harder.” Fred desperately tried to think as he worshipped the shoes of the woman he hated.

Fred said with pleading in his voice, “I beg you Goddess Mary, you hold life in your perfectly shaped hands, please spare her. I am not fit to serve one so divine as you, you make the flowers bloom with your beauty.” Mary’s laugh cut him off. “My God how pathetic are you? That is what you call flowery praise?” Mary kicked him and continued her chiding, “You do know your wife is suffocating under me, surely you can do better then that, or are you going to fail in this like you fail in everything else in your life.”

Fred renewed his begging and his praise. Tanya knew it wasn’t going to be enough, her brain was shutting down, she saw stars and felt her bladder lose control, as pain and Mary’s flesh surrounded her. She knew no more. Mary and Fred both didn’t realize this at first, they had expected Tanya to be able to get more air. Fred had just finished saying how wonderful Mary’s perfect ass was when Mary realized Tanya had stopped struggling. She let Fred ramble on more desperately and desperately. “All right” she said, “I’ll get off and let her live” She stood up, Tanya’s face was a purple looking color, she did not breath. Fred screamed “NO” and began to rise up to go perform CPR. Mary kicked him hard and he fell over she told some guards, “gag him, I want the last words he had said to be those words of love and admiration to me.

Part XIII The Death of Fred

The guards quickly gagged him with some old panties. Jean was one of the guards, she took some duct tape and secured the gag in place, she then spat in Fred’s face and said, “Your turn bitch.” Fred was still in shock, his one true love had just been snuffed out right in front of him. He was strapped down again on the table. This time he knew, he would not leave this table until he was also killed. He was going to die, what was worse is that he knew it was for nothing. He wasn’t dying of some strange disease, he had been manipulated by his ex-wife. She would get the money, she would reap the benefits of his agonizingly slow death. She had taken away everything from him, twice, and now she was going to take his life.

Mary climbed aboard the table. She looked into the resigned eyes of her victim and smiled. “You have no idea how long I have waited for this moment,” she said. She continued, “I have dreamed so many different ways to kill you.” She began to squeeze his neck with her hands. “I could choke you.” Fred quickly turned red. Mary released his neck. “I could smother you with just two fingers.” Mary took her index and middle finger and squeezed close Fred’s nose with them. She held them there for a long time, as Fred began to struggle. “Just two fingers… hardly any effort at all.” She laughed and let him breath. “I could stomp you to death with my shoes, I could douse you in gasoline and watch you burn. Drown you, stab you, or shoot you.” She sighed, “If only I had more of you to kill.” She slapped his face. “Before I get to the business of killing you, I’m going to destroy that pathetic cock of yours.”

With that she stood up and did just that. She stomped on his manhood. Ground her heel into his ball sack. She held it down with one foot while scratching it with the other heel. Fred could only howl in pain as Mary systematically destroyed it, all the while she was sadistically laughing at poor Fred. Fred felt pain beyond belief, he could see blood on the heels as she lifted them up and stomped down again. After a brutal merciless stomp, trample, and mutilation Mary was done. And Fred was almost done too. He had sobbed pitifully and howled through his gag in pain, he had also lost a lot of blood. Mary out of breath said, “It is time for you to die Fred, one last bit of torture as I suffocate you however.”

At this point Doctor Crane took out a bag and opened it up. Inside were thick strips of plastic. Doctor Crane spoke in a matter of fact voice. “These strips are going to be placed on your body, they will mimic the sensation of being burned, the cells themselves will act the same was as if a hot fire was on your body.” Mary laughed. “I couldn’t decide what I wanted more, you to feel the horrible pain of being burnt as you die, or me suffocating you with my ass. So I decided both!” Doctor Crane started applying those strips to his legs, his feet, his arms, his stomach. At first they actually felt good, cool gel on his aching body. Then the pain started, as a tingling first, then as horrible burning pain, he felt like he was being branded again.

Mary felt a hot wave of pleasure strike her. This was it. He was in the worst pain of his life and now he was going to die under her ass. She took one last look at his living face and said, “I hate you, die you ugly piece of shit.” With that she spread her ass checks, and dropped down on Fred’s nose. Fred could smell the sweat from her exertion when she destroyed his balls. Fred feared death, he was sobbing uncontrollably now, part from terror part from pain. Fred felt like he was on fire, he tried to suck in air for another sob, but all around him was flesh. His mind screamed, escape, escape, don’t just lie there. He struggled, which only made Mary happier as she grinded her whole body down on Fred, she was about to orgasm. Him dying in pain under her, nothing could be hotter for her. Fred jerked around, but his nose was firmly in place. He needed to breathe, he didn’t want to die, make the pain stop. His thoughts whirled and whirled until finally, mercifully his brain shut down, his body shuddered and he died.
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Re: Fred (Femdom / Smother / Torture / Snuff / Toilet)

Postby Blushing slut » Wed Jun 01, 2011 7:13 am

Have read parts 1 and 2. Wicked ideas happening here. So if this is your first one, cant wait for the rest of what you have! Well done dude...
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Re: Fred (Femdom / Smother / Torture / Snuff / Toilet)

Postby bookworm » Wed Jun 01, 2011 10:59 am

Well different strokes for different folks. I found it deeply unpleasant.
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Re: Fred (Femdom / Smother / Torture / Snuff / Toilet)

Postby Sauurman » Thu Jun 02, 2011 4:35 am

bookworm wrote:Well different strokes for different folks. I found it deeply unpleasant.

Sorry you didn't like it. I tried to be clear in the title there would be torture, snuff and toilet play.
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Re: Fred (Femdom / Smother / Torture / Snuff / Toilet)

Postby Blushing slut » Thu Jun 02, 2011 4:43 am

Sauurman wrote:
bookworm wrote:Well different strokes for different folks. I found it deeply unpleasant.

Sorry you didn't like it. I tried to be clear in the title there would be torture, snuff and toilet play.

Duh...exactly....If it's right in the title whats the problem? Why go in and read it anyway, when you should know you're not going to like it?

Is this gonna be another repeat scenario where the 'pure' try to lord it over the 'vile'? Been there...done we have to go through it again? It's 2011
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Re: Fred (Femdom / Smother / Torture / Snuff / Toilet)

Postby smother sitter » Thu Jun 02, 2011 4:45 am

MoD Crap! I only seen part of this story before and wonder what happen to it. Thank for posting the whole story.
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Re: Fred (Femdom / Smother / Torture / Snuff / Toilet)

Postby skoshy24 » Fri Jul 13, 2012 3:51 pm

oH Sauurman,
Its great,
But I would have loved a beautiful blonde of 5 ft 3 in to shit into the slave's mouth. Kill him pathetically while she giggles. The Goddess will kill him. While she lifts her ass hole, the slave's tongue will be in her ass hole!!!
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Re: Fred (Femdom / Smother / Torture / Snuff / Toilet)

Postby Sauurman » Sat May 11, 2013 7:23 am

Bump :).
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Re: Fred (Femdom / Smother / Torture / Snuff / Toilet)

Postby Sauurman » Thu Nov 27, 2014 5:47 pm

If you liked this story please check out my interactive stories:
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